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 Protection warrior application

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PostSubject: Protection warrior application   Mon Feb 25, 2008 6:31 am

Hello, I would like this paragraph to work as a lead in to my application. As a person I tend to be cooperative and patient, also I like trying the best to earn my gear and to make the best out of my class. I am ready to do all that you will ask me to and I got no problem with spending hours of wiping in new raids and challenges, I can be active most of the days of a week .
Class/race: I am a brave human warrior ready to offer my tanking services.
Age: 16 soon 17
Previous guild: This n That
Reason I left: they didnít raid as much as I wanted to and 25-man raids where hard to find within TnT, also it almost came to disband due to an in guild crisis.
Previous experience: I am experienced with Karazhan, gruul, ZA (most bosses), VR in TK and lurker below.
Armory link: though I am pvp specced at the moment so you better /w me so I can link you my gear which is not bad at all.
Spec: I like using this spec when tanking
PC/ Ventrillo/ connection: My pc is working fine, I got ventrillo + a microphone, I got a 1024 connection which is pretty good for Greece standards.
Additional stuff: I am ready to bring all consumables for a raid, I can raid all times of a week though I prefer to take some of them off so I can attend some personal business, mainly from 7 until 11 server time.I know you do not need any more protection warriors but i have info saying that one of them is leaving soon and i would be really happy to take his place. Feel free to /w me any time. Thanks in advance for your time,
With honor, Lysara
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Protection warrior application
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