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 Application Template - Use this !

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PostSubject: Application Template - Use this !   Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:29 pm

Basic Requirements for joining:
- Ability of speaking and understanding the english language.
- Being able to raid from 19.30-23.00 (might go on till 23.30 in special occasions), invites starting at 19.15 ish, server time.
- Have some decent gear.. dont expect us to gear you up through Kara runz, or your application will be quickly done for (Dont come applying with full S1 gear ;> ty vm).
- Have a sense of humor, but know when to be serious during raids.

Anyways, as for the template... use the one below! Smile and GL !


RL infoz:

Name: <Your name irl>
Age: <Your age irl>
Where do you live: <In wut country you live in atm>
Playtime: <Hours in wich you usually play wow in, for example, 19.00-23.00>

Char Infoz:

Name: <Your ingame name>
Class: <Your class>
/Played + Experience: <By typing in /played you'll see how much time you played + write what you've done on that char>
Pofessions: <Your professions in game + special stuffz you can make. Also state why you havent got your professions maxed out if thats the case>

Armory Link: <If this aint the stuffz that you're applying for, write what you got here instead>

General Stuffz

PvE experience: <PvE stuff you've done>
Old School Content;
TBC Content;

Reference person in the guild?: <Anyone in the guild that you might know?>

History of your guilds: <What guilds were you in? Why did you leave them? etc>

Why do you want to join us: <Well, why? :3>

Anything you wanne add?: <I own a pr0n shop for example>
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Application Template - Use this !
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