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 Feral druid

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PostSubject: Feral druid   Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:34 am

RL infoz:

Name: Kaspar
Age: 19
Where do you live: Denmark
Playtime: Whatever u want

Char Infoz:

Name: Lisiry
Class: Druid
/Played + Experience: /Played = 62 days (Pre-tbc char) and 22 in 70. Xp: Tanked all kara (-Wiz of Oz) and Gruuls.
Pofessions: Herbalism 375 / Alchemy (Elixir master) 375

Armory Link: On armory i may be wearing dps or pvp, or even healing gear. My main stats are: 16,5k hp, 29k armor 34% dodge, all unbuffed.

General Stuffz

PvE experience:
Old School Content;
- ZG, MC and BWL
TBC Content;
- Karazhan and Gruuls

Reference person in the guild?: Non that i know of

History of your guilds: Only one worth mentioning: This'n'that
Reason for leaving: They stopped raiding

Why do you want to join us: Did a semi-pug Gruuls with you once, which seemed organized (which i like!) and saw u needed a feral druid

Anything you wanne add?: Unfortunatly i dont own a pr0n shop.
If u havent figured yet, i tank, but can do decent dps as well.

// Lisiry
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PostSubject: Re: Feral druid   Sun Feb 24, 2008 3:19 pm

I also did (tried) a ZA run with Kiru as leader... even tho it was my first run there I hope I made a good impression

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Feral druid
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