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 hunter looking for guild

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PostSubject: hunter looking for guild   Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:43 am

RL info:
name: martin
age: 17
country: Norway
Playtime: i will be able to raid in any time betwen 18.00 - 23.00

Char info:
Name: zamona
Class: hunter
my playing time is on 42 days atm, my playing time on lvl 70 is 14 days... iv'e basicly spend that time on farming some pvp gear + some pve gear in kara and gruuls, never been to za yet... my profs are skining and mining, i basicly just choose profs i chould make money one buy selling leather and ores.

armory link:

Pve experience:

i havent rly done any old school instances

in tbc i have done whole kara, gruuls and one boss in tk (void reaver)

reference person in guild:

i know russ, animaux, sephron, sylkie, silks, oakers, melindie and diumund.

Guild history:

i was in warriors of azeroth, i left this guild beqause evry one left to join this n that and so did i:P i also left this n that beqause, well... their to serios^^ and now im gonna leave kruelty beqause im after some more instances then just kara;)

why i want to join you:
i want to join this guild beqause i want to do some other instances then just kara and i rly miss raiding with my mates:P

anything you want to add:

well, not much rly:P other then i whould be very happy if i chould join the guild... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: hunter looking for guild   Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:17 pm

A very good hunter not a huntard Very Happy , would be a good member if accepted.

gl m8 hope they like you Twisted Evil
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hunter looking for guild
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